Dog’s Safety, Comfort & Well being is our #1 Priority

Born out of love, JEFFURRY’S: The Pet Resort aims to provide a unique dog purposeful facility in India designed with a dog’s perspective and needs in mind.


It all started when I had to travel abroad and couldn’t find a happy, healthy and secure place to board my dear dog Jeff. It was very heartbreaking to see that people had no proper canine understanding, the places were not properly sanitized, rooms were shared by many dogs regardless of different temperament, size or energy levels, poor quality of meals being served and not enough playtime or exercise scheduled for boarding dogs.

That’s where reality hit me and I decided to create an abode for Jeff and his doggie friends that allows my fellow pet parents to be rest assured and leave their loved ones in a stress free environment.

I traveled extensively for almost 7 months throughout the world, visiting various pet resorts, attending workshops and seminars (Canada, USA, UK, HK, China) gathering information and knowledge to expand my horizon. After a lot of hard work and dedication, I was able to bring a blueprint idea of my dream into reality with JEFFURRY’S : The Pet Resort.
– Achal Gupta, Founder & Chief K9

Jeff is the reason behind Jeffurry’s:The Pet Resort & Maaza is our lady luck