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JEFFURRY'S: The Pet Resort
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Pet Consultation

Owning a pet is a fabulous and rewarding experience. 

But every animal & their needs are different.

Our consultation is designed to identify the source of the problems

and recommend a treatment solution to improve your pet’s quality of life.

Pre-Pet Consultation

There is a lot of time, money and commitment that goes into caring for a dog,

but dogs that are well cared for often become a beloved member of the family.

Pre-Pet Consultation helps you to make sure you’re ready for a new addition to your family & that you choose the right pet for you.

Includes an interactive session with our therapy dog.

Session Duration :

1 Hour

Behavioral Consultation 

Learn about what causes bad behavior in your pet, how to solve the problem

and how to teach your dog alternative desired behaviors.

Session Duration :

45 Minutes

Pet Health & Wellbeing

Discover how to boost your dog's health, extend its life, prevent disease and keep its tail wagging for longer.

Session Duration :

45 Minutes

Enroll now and start your dog's journey to a healthier, happier life!